Workshop on Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy Storage and Harnessing for Transportation: State-of-the Art, Challenges and Opportunities

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 -
Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, Auditorium, 813 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

Background and Goals 

Hybrid and alternate fuel technologies are transforming transportation. Materials for energy storage and harnessing are critical to the proliferation and success of these novel technologies. The goal of the Workshop is to bring together a diverse group of faculty members to assess the state-of-the art, discuss the materials-related challenges, and identify cutting-edge research opportunities that will contribute to the further growth of these hybrid and alternate fuel technologies. The planned outcome is a “research roadmap” that will be pursued as faculty projects funded through the Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation (KCLI). The Workshop will also facilitate collaborative faculty relationships that can utilize the research roadmap to pursue other funding opportunities in this area.


The Workshop will begin with a series of invited faculty presentations to set the stage for the breakout sessions. Following the presentations, a short discussion session will develop the charters for the two breakout groups; faculty members will elect to participate in one of them. In the afternoon, the two breakout groups will engage in interactive sessions to develop a research roadmap and identify associated project opportunities. The Workshop will close with reporting by the two groups. Following the Workshop, KCLI will create a document formalizing the research roadmap, which will be made available to all faculty members. This document will serve as a reference for KCLI’s next call for proposals slated for November 2017.

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Organized by:

Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation

Sundaresan Jayaraman, Kolon Professor

Director, Kolon Center for Lifestyle Innovation